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This traditional home recipe of "dadi nani ke nuskhe" will surprise you at how good it is for your stomach, as well as provide a guaranteed sweet treat that packs a punch! Wrapped in a delicious zesty tangy flavor, "Golmatol products" have been made with only the highest quality ingredients to guarantee a smooth taste and a great experience.

Although we eat healthy meal, sometimes it leads to unpleasant side-effects such as indigestion. That's why Golmatol Digestive Tablets and Golmatol Jal Jeera is so great and helps in better digestion. It is made of ingredients like Jeera, Nausadar, Pudina, Kala Namak, Saunth, Namak, Pipli, Sugar and Kali Mirch which combined help alleviate upset stomachs. Heritage of more 100 years , it’s has proven to be the best digestive tablet for stomach and related problems because Golmatol Jaise Koi Nai!

Golmatol Digestive Tablets are available in different varieties, and consumers across the country enjoy them. It has a strict standard of packaging all of which add to its reputation for quality. Jaipuria Group is a multifaceted business conglomerate that manufactures the product. The brand has a significant presence in over 35 locations with a workforce of more than 2000 people. With strong leadership at the helm, the company grew from a product company to a multi-product company operating across the country.