Relish the taste of the tangy twist of Golmatol Candies which is a perfect sweet treat. People of all ages can enjoy these delicious candies and their yummy taste which can be taken any time of the day. Enjoy our refreshing flavours of candies imli, orange, mint and paan candies.

Golmatol Orange Candy

Golmatol Orange Candy will remind you of childhood days. Treat yourself to the Sweet and Tangy flavor of orange outburst in your mouth. Our orange candies are perfect for all age groups and people can enjoy these citrus candies anytime during the day. Packed with care to retain its freshness and flavor.

Golmatol Imli Candy

Experience something chatpata and sweet together. Golmatol Imli khatti-mithi candies are good for digestion. They are a perfect blend of imli and Indian spices. Tamarinds contain high levels of tartaric acid and zing to the taste buds. Be it, kids or adults, you can completely enjoy these sweet yet tangy Imli Flavoured Candy.

Golmatol Mitha Paan Candy

After-meal we crave for mouth fresheners,  Golmatol Mitha Paan Candy are good choice for refreshments . These candies are enjoyed eating after meals and work as a mouth freshener. You will experience the cool and freshness of our paan flavor. Golmatol Mitha  Paan candy is popular among all age groups.

Golmatol Mint Candy

Now feel fresh every time and all day. Golmatol mint candy is the perfect mouth freshener. Both kids and adults can enjoy these candies. Mint-flavored candies are breath mints to get rid of bad breath and instantly refresh your mouth. Mint is effective in relieving digestive problems and good source of Vitamin A.