Experience the Magic of Golmatol Jal Jeera Spices and Herbs: A Perfect Summer Cooler

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in refreshing coolers that can rejuvenate us in a jiffy. One such drink that is popular in India is Golmatol jal jeera packet, a blend of spices, herbs, and tangy flavors that can give your taste buds a delightful twist. Jal jeera masala mix, a North Indian drink.

How to make jal jeera?

Golmatol jal jeera powder sachets are a perfect summer cooler, not just because of its refreshing taste but also because of the health benefits it offers. The drink is a perfect blend of several spices and herbs that are known for their medicinal properties. Cumin seeds, one of the main jal jeera powder ingredients, are known to aid digestion and improve metabolism, which can be a boon during summers when people are more susceptible to stomach illnesses. Other spices like black pepper, coriander, and fennel seeds also have digestive benefits and can cool down the body heat.

One of the unique features of Golmatol's jal jeera masala drink is the organic ingredients used in the blend. The company uses premium quality, handpicked ingredients that have grown sustainably to ensure that the drink is not just tasty but also healthy. The authentic taste and aroma of the drink can transport you to the streets of India, where Jal Jeera can be found at every corner.

Water or Soda and Cumin Seeds are combined to create the well-known Indian beverage Jal jeera masala soda. Its flavor is improved by the addition of additional seasonings and flavorings. It has excellent digestive qualities, is beneficial for avoiding heat during the summer, and cools the body.

Jal jeera masala recipe is a wonderful beverage packed with health advantages. This justifies including it in your diet: 

  • Excellent for digestion, relieves heartburn, acid reflux, intestinal gas, nausea, pains during menstruation, vomiting, etc. 
  • Rehydrates the body, keeps it hydrated, and is beneficial for detoxifying.
  •  Jaljeera's cumin is a potent source of iron. thereby promotes immunity, prevents stomach issues, and cools the body. 
  • Amchur, or dried mango powder, is a fantastic source of vitamin C.

Ingredients of jaljeera powder : A perfect blend of Spices and Herbs

The jal jeera powder is a popular Indian beverage, and it contains a blend of various spices and herbs. Following are the ingredients in detail:

  1. Cumin Seeds: These seeds are the primary ingredient of Jal Jeera. They add a smoky and earthy flavor to the beverage.
  2. Coriander Seeds:These seeds have a sweet, nutty, and citrusy flavor that compliments the cumin seeds and also have a cooling effect on the body.
  3. Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds have a sweet taste and aroma. They also aid in digestion and provide a cooling effect on the body.
  4. Black Pepper: It adds a pungent and spicy flavor to the beverage.
  5. Mint: Mint leaves add a refreshing and cooling effect to the jal jeera. They also aid in digestion.
  6. Tamarind: It adds tanginess to the beverage and balances the flavors of the spices and herbs.
  7. Dry Mango Powder:This  powder adds a sour taste to the jal jeera. It also aids in digestion.
  8. Ginger: This adds a spicy and warm flavor to the beverage. It also aids in digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  9. Black Salt: This salt adds a pungent and sulfurous flavor to the jal jeera. It also has digestive and cleansing properties.

Grab sachets or a packet of Golmatol jal jeera soft drink, experience the magic of spices and herbs, and beat the summer heat like a pro. We also have golmatol candy and digestive tablets. 

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