India’s Sweet Tooth: Top 7 digestive candy manufacturers in India

India's love for sweets is well-known and deeply ingrained in its cultural fabric. From traditional desserts to modern confectionery, the country boasts a wide variety of sweet treats to satisfy every palate. Amidst this diverse landscape, many best candy for digestion have gained immense popularity for their unique blend of flavors and health benefits. In this blog, we will explore the top 6 digestive candy manufacturers in India, offering a delightful and nutritious indulgence.

1. Golmatol candy: 

 Golmatol candy is the ultimate choice for a mouth-freshening experience, improved digestion, and a nostalgic trip down childhood days. With a wide range of flavors to choose from, including Orange, Imli (Tamarind), Mint, and Paan (Betel Leaf), Golmatol candy offers a delightful taste that takes you back to the cherished candies of your childhood. Whether you're looking to combat bad breath after a meal or simply want to enjoy a refreshing treat, these candies are the ideal choice. Also, golmatol digestive candy is suitable for all age groups, making it a favorite among both children and adults. They have digestive tablets and jaljira powder as well. Our candies are made from Indian spices and herbs.

2.Patanjali Ayurved Limited: 

Patanjali needs no introduction, as it has become a household name with its range of natural and Ayurvedic products. In addition to herbal remedies, the company also produces a range of digestive candies enriched with a mix of traditional ingredients like ginger, mint, and cloves. These candies are reputed for their digestive properties and refreshing taste.

3. Himalaya Herbals:

 Himalaya Herbals, renowned for its wellness and skin care products, also presents a range of digestive candies. Made from Ayurvedic herbs like fennel, caraway, and ginger, these candies are aimed at improving digestion, reducing bloating, and providing an aromatic blend of flavors.

4. Dabur Hajmola:

 Dabur, a well-established brand in the Indian market, offers a range of digestive candies with a focus on Ayurvedic formulations. For instance, Dabur Hajmola is a popular candy combining elements like black salt, cumin, and asafetida to provide a tangy and digestive aid. Their products are known for their effectiveness and unique taste.

5. Zandu: 

Zandu, a trusted name in Ayurveda, presents an assortment of digestive candy with a perfect balance of taste and health benefits. Their candies, like Zanduzest and Zandu Dizester, are crafted using herbs like ginger, clove, and piperine, promoting better digestion and soothing the stomach.

6. Nutrine: 

Nutrine is a leading Indian confectionery brand that offers digestive candies catering to varied tastes. Their product range includes candies infused with a blend of natural ingredients like elaichi (cardamom), saunf (fennel), and mint that provide a refreshing taste and aid digestion.

7. Swad 

Swad Digestive Candy is a popular confectionery product known for its digestive benefits. It is a type of candy that is specifically formulated to aid in digestion and promote gastrointestinal well-being. These candies are available in various flavors, including mint, lemon, and ginger, offering a range of tastes to suit different preferences.

All of the above digestive candy in delhi offer a perfect blend of taste and wellness, making them a preferred choice for those seeking a guilt-free treat. We at Golmatol are digestive candy manufacturers in delhi shop now with us on Amazon, Meesho, and ONDC.

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