Why should you choose Golmatol Digestive Tablets?

Buy popping zingy tangy tablets right after a filling meal- But where to find them ?

 You must try Golmatol herbal digestive tablets to appreciate its chatpata flavor.Ayurvedic herbs and spices like cumin seeds and lemon extract are used to make these tablets . Additionally popular elements are edible salts like rock salt and black salt. Black pepper, honey, mint and ginger are some of the other ingredients of Golmatol.

We Have wide variety in Digestive Tablets like :

  • Golmatol Digestive Tablets

This digestible candy is loaded with Kali mirch, Pudina, Saunf, and many more delicious herbs. Pudina is one of the greatest foods to eat when your stomach is grumbling and needs some comfort. Also, excellent for people who have discomfort after eating a large meal or who experience acidity after consuming anything fatty.

  • Golmatol Khatta Meetha

This particular type of dried mango candy is regarded as the best. Fresh mangoes are sliced into pieces and baked in the sun to dry before being used to produce this sweet. After a full meal, it is sufficient to make you feel better right away and is hygienic. These sweets are just dried mangoes coated in sugar to give them the desired sweet and sour flavor.

Golmatol Black Balls

  • Golmatol Imli

Imli candy is delicious and quite simple to make. Tangy tamarinds are combined with a variety of spices to create a delicious dish that will delight your taste. It can be eaten at any time of the day, not only just after a meal. Also, it stands out from the others thanks to its acidic and sweet Imli flavor, and once you start eating it, you won't be able to stop until you've finished.

Benefits of eating Golmatol Digestive tablets 

  • Fun-filled digestion tablets can be frequently taken, especially after a meal.
  • Both children and adults benefit immensely from it, and it may even hasten the digestive process.
  • The taste buds are delighted by the tasty tablets. The Golmatol tablets have a unique regular flavor that is acidic, salty, and spicy. Also, enjoying the enriching flavor of chatpata tanginess is beneficial for providing changing taste in the mouth. Any time of day might be enjoyable to take these chatpata tablets.
  • When consumed after a meal, these digestive tablets , a special blend of Indian herbs, spices, and edible salts, assists with digestion. These tablets can be extremely helpful in cases of passing gas, appetite loss, and indigestion.
  • If you have acid reflux, gas, bloating and diarrhea we are your best friend to solve stomach issues. 

Ingredients found in Golmatol Digestive Tablets

Kala Namak, Sugar, Nausadar, Namak, Jeera, Kali Mirch, Pipli, Saunf, Pudina, Nimbu Satva, Pippal, Saunth, Hing, Aamgeeri and Ajwan 

Packing of Golmatol digestive tablets 

Golmatol digestive tablets are available for purchase in Jars, Trays, Packets, and Sachets. 

  • 1 Sachet has 6 tablets.
  • 1 Jar contains 160 Sachet .
  • 1 Packet contains 40 Sachet. 
  • 1 Tray has 16 bottles.

Enjoy our Digestive tablets for a healthy Stomach !!!

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